Selenite Rectangular Charging Plate
Selenite Rectangular Charging Plate
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Selenite Rectangular Charging Plate

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Selenite, a powerful and absolutely beautiful crystal named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite cleanses and clears your aura, space, chakras and other crystals. A calming stone that creates inner peace within and promotes physical, mental and spiritual healing. Helps promote a better quality of sleep, perfect for meditation, improves focus & reduces anxiety. Selenite produces a great amount of grounding and healing energy, helping you feel comforted & safe. 

Polished Selenite Charging Plate, cleanses & charges crystals and jewelry which are placed upon it. ( extra crystals not included )

Origin Morocco

Measures approximately 6 inches (15 cm ) length x 3 inches ( 7.5 cm ) width

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